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Agoria supports Antwerp Pride

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Under the slogan ‘Progress is about open minds’, Agoria stresses the importance of diversity in the workplace. “Daring to be different is the key to success for top businesses and their employees,” says Agoria’s CEO Marc Lambotte. “But it still poses a challenge to some in our society, as shown in recent weeks following the attack in Orlando and the homophobic reactions of a group of Limburg youths on YouTube. At Agoria we are clear: we embrace diversity, irrespective of cultural, ethnic and religious background or sexual orientation.”

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One technology start-up out of three is created in Brussels

Thursday 7 January 2016

A third of technology start-ups and more than a quarter of ICT jobs in Belgium are located in the Brussels-Capital Region. According to an analysis conducted by Agoria Brussels plays an important role as Belgium’s digital engine, but loses in terms of attractiveness.

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