Are you looking for:
  • A supplier in the fields of die casting, machining, sheet metal, surface treatment, heat and/or chemical treatment/bonding? 
  • Or a supplier specialised in machine engineering, structural elements, automotive or aeronautics components?
  • Or a partner capable of handling many of your production, assembly, supplier management and supply chain logistics tasks, or with the capability to support you by offering production (sub) modules?
  • Or a partner who can help you in the design of new products?

    In the new ‘Belgian Mechanical Suppliers’ Business Guide published by Agoria Subcontracting, you will find a unique offering of more than 100 suppliers who are members of Agoria. You will certainly find what you are looking for as these companies offer solutions to suit all economic sectors. These are generally complete solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

    In this guide, next to the full contact details of each subcontracting company, you will find a detailed overview of its production capabilities.