Welke impact zullen mobiele technologie en de opwindende toepassingen van het Internet of Things straks op uw business hebben? Welke andere nieuwe en aankomende technologieën moeten zeker op uw ‘watchlist’? Hoe pikt u er succesvol een graantje van mee? Kom op 19 januari inspiratie opdoen tijdens de workshop CrossMos. Bij wijze van voorsmaakje vindt u hier alvast (in het Engels) enkele inzichten vanuit de industrie en de academische wereld. 

Mobile technology has moved from the margin to the core of what we call “the connected world”. Great examples can be found in almost all industries, with the Health market being one of the more innovative sectors.

But as we enter the post-mobile world, several other developments in domains such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things) and Mixed Reality also create new opportunities and new digital horizons, cross industry.

Location is everywhere and this will, more than ever before, become the driver for building improved user experiences and optimizing processes.

And this year, we experience that VR is no longer a hype, but a product that will soon become convenient and user-friendly enough to dramatically change the way we work, play and communicate.

These and other developments will have a major impact on the mobile apps industry; greater opportunities, yet also more uncertainty and greater need of fast upscaling innovation and investments.

And, yes, the silver bullet for apps development does not exist yet; with Hybrid 2.0 thriving, greater choices are offered although the security challenges remain and competition is tough.

More than ever, collaboration is the key to success; collaboration cross industry, cross technology, industry working hand in hand with research and the academic world.

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